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Q: What should we supply in advance to Rivkin & Associates?
Background material on the company.
  Background material on the product or service to be named.
  Customer profiles.
  Any available marketing research.
  Recent press clippings on the product/service category.
  Competitor profiles.
Q: How many people should attend?
No fewer than eight participants, no more than 12 participants.
Q: What type of people should we invite?
People who have product/service knowledge. People who are good team players. People with good language/verbal skills. People who will be enthusiastic about being there and willing to commit their time and energy.

Participants usually come from product management, sales, marketing and communications. People from R&D, engineering and senior management often are invited.

Q: What should our people bring to the ideation session?
Product samples, or a service demo, if appropriate.
  Competitor materials.
  Any potential names already in the hopper.
  Several dictionaries and thesauruses.
  Anything else they want to bring.
Q: Where should we hold the Workshop?
Offsite is preferable to a company conference room. (Fewer distractions.) But a conference room is acceptable.

We need a room flexible enough so that people can see each other, move around and work together easily.

Q: What type of equipment do we need to provide?

A computer-LCD projector for PowerPoint slides

  Several easels with writing tablets.
Q: What about food?

Light breakfast foods are a nice welcoming gesture for your attendees.

A working lunch in the same room (or nearby) is an efficient use of time, as we work through the various name-generating exercises.

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