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What Is A Naming Workshop?

It's the first on-site training tailored for your company's naming needs.

It's a concentrated one-day program designed expressly for your marketing, product management and communications people.

It starts with a short discussion on:

The most commonly-asked questions about owning a name.
  Types of names.
  Criteria for the ideal name.
  Researching and testing a name.
  Guidelines for multilingual suitability.

After a strategy review on what the new name is to accomplish, the Workshop moves into nearly five hours of facilitated team-leading and orchestrated creativity. Purpose: To develop possible names for your product, service, division or firm.

This creative session uses proven ideational techniques and typically results in a list of hundreds of possible names. Among the techniques we use to help your team of 8-12 people generate new names:

Constructional Linguistics.
  Synonym Searches.
  Summon a Suffix.
  Becoming the Product.
  Thought Association.
  Forcing a Connection.
  Left Brain Meets Right Brain.

As a final step, we review protocols for sifting and sorting all the possible names.

Cost for the one-day Workshop is $7,500.

Why have a Workshop?
According to our biennial survey of American businesses, two-thirds of all companies prefer to do the job of naming themselves.

They want to do it in-house. With their own people, usually working together as a team. But these task forces generally fail.

We have no doubt that your people are well-intended and highly motivated. But they lack the knowledge and the tools to do the job.

The Naming Workshop is your way to ensure success. To do the job better and faster.

The Naming Workshop is not a generic seminar or conference. It is designed just for your people. It takes place on your property, where and when you want to schedule it. Confidential projects can be discussed. Proprietary products can be named.

The Naming Workshop is a results-oriented day, geared to your specific name development needs. Read on to find out why such companies as Ameritech, Kraft Foods and Johnson & Johnson have found it perfect for their needs.

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